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Our Culture

Finding your perfect cup of tea is the closest you will get to heaven on earth and we believe that every sip of Simondou, Shaheena or Richmond tea brings you one step closer to that heavenly feeling.

At Union Commodities, we understand tea and the role it can play in making every moment that much more in harmony. We believe that through the freshness of a warm cup, the gift of tea can change history. From carefully cultivating our tea-estates, to ensuring environmentally sustainable innovation for the production of tea, to preserving the authentic taste and aroma unlocked within each tea leaf – Unicom is honoured to offer you the perfect cup of Ceylon Tea, for every moment.

The Unicom legacy is everything the company stands for and what it represents, which goes hand in hand with trust that has been carefully cultivated over an illustrious 30 years in the tea industry.

Sri Lanka is what Unicom represents. The historical culture of welcoming hospitality to any and everyone, who graces the island with their presence and in return greeting them with a smile and a warm cup of tea, is the tradition Unicom strives to uphold.
Sri Lanka’s prestigious history of Tea is prominent all over the world for its aroma, taste and premium quality but most prominently, for the heart and soul, Sri Lankans put into offering the best quality product that connotes the warm, welcoming grace of the island-nation. Our undying passion for the trade has always helped us remain one step ahead in terms of the technology involved in tea, investing in state-of-the-art machinery in the production of tea bags, tea boxes and innovative tea infusions that are staple-free and made using environmentally-friendly practices, efficient processes, with minimal waste.

Heavily involved in community-based initiatives in order to uplift the livelihoods and standard of living throughout the nation, Unicom provides employment opportunities for the communities in which they operate, encouraging academic opportunities and personal/ career growth.

Unicom also provides advanced tea bagging facility facilities and services to many well-reputed global companies for packaging under their own brands.

Focused on the values of unity, comradery, innovation and evolution – Unicom prides itself in staying at the cutting edge of the tea trade.

Tea is considered to be the elixir of life with infinite benefits to our both physical and mental health. We wouldn’t want to be doing anything else other than sharing these incredible gifts from mother-nature with you and the rest of the world.