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About Union Commodities

Union Commodities (Pvt.) Ltd (Popularly known as Unicom) was established in 1985 by three [03] Tea industry veterans and has since become one of Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporters

Since its inception, Unicom’s core philosophy has been rooted in the quality production of pure Ceylon Tea. Decades later the Unicom tea brand is still synonymous with export quality tea, offering the finest black tea, green tea, tea infusions and tea boxes, for the world. 

At present, Unicom has become a household tea brand offering globally renowned brands such as Simondou, Shaheena and Richmond in more than 30 countries, worldwide.

Under Unicom Foods, the brand has expanded into the production and export of food items, ranging from spices, and essential oils to desiccated coconut and cocofera products. Manufacturing its export quality goods at its state-of-the-art, self-sufficient 310,000 sq ft factory – Unicom continues to grow as a titan of industry.  

Our History

Take a journey with us as we unfold the decades of intertwined history between Ceylon Tea and the premium mastery of Union Commodities.

Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd established at Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka with the prime mission of exporting Sri Lanka’s premium quality tea.

Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd offices, manufacturing factory and stores are relocated to Kelaniya, Sri Lanka from Vauxhall Street, Sri Lanka.

Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd Is awarded the ISO certification [ISO 9001:2008] and HACCP Certification.

Union Commodities (Pvt) Ltd becomes a fully-owned subsidiary of Kotagala Plantations PLC and a member of the Lankem Group of Companies.

Unicom works within its own self-sustained system, equipped with an in-house advanced Tea bagging facility, on-site purpose-built storage, international sales, marketing & design teams, packaging & printing facility and a shipping and freight forwarding subsidiary, all of which is completely owned by the group.

Producing approximately 175,000 kgs of tea bags per month; with a blending capacity of 2 million kgs per month for bulk tea, Unicom offers advanced tea bagging facility and prides itself in practising effective, efficient and sustainable tea production methods.

Union Commodity teas have become a household name with their brands Simondou, Shaheena and Richmond.

Unicom Capacity

Machinery Type
Number Of Machines
Tea Bags Per Day Per Machine
IMA C 2002 - Stapler free tea bags
Constanta Machine - String & Tag
IMA C 21 - Foil envelope tea bags
Constanta Machine - (Envelope)